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The Best Damn Wedding Ring. Period. 

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Guys, it is about time the wedding ring game was elevated to some legit, unique, and cool AF concepts for guys. Traditionally the focus was on the bride, and it can still do so, but there is room to add in some innovation and upgrades to the rings men rock at home, at the office, out on the town, and for decades to come. 

Manly Bands have something truly unique and believe us we have looked for something cooler and were simply impressed by not only the company, but the selection, quality, and intention behind every ring. 


Company Background:

The founders of Manly Bands had a not so fun experience while looking for wedding rings for the groom. Price points higher than apartment down payments, quality that was marginal at best, and selection that didn't really stand out and showcase their individuality. Manly Bands was formed, and have been crushing it ever since. With over 3000 5-star customer reviews, they are doing something right.

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What stands out:

Manly Bands uses damascus steel, tungsten, carbon fibre, wood inlays, and diamonds to create some of the most unique looking bands out there. They even offer really cool inlays like dinosaur bone, meteorite and camo- freaking dinosaur bone!?!

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The Rockstar, Cowboy and the Baller are three of their best sellers - and we would have to agree. Some of us preferred the Rockstar which is more of a thin width ring, and a few others went with the Cowboy for its dark outer ring and dark wood inner wood inlay. The Baller is simply cool because of its name. Who doesn't want to share with their friends: “Oh, this?...It's the Baller Ring.”

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Guys, finding an awesome wedding band doesn’t have to suck. At Manly Bands, "boring" and "overpriced" are not in their DNA and with rings starting at $28+, how can you not love their product even more? Get over their and take a look for yourself and share that ultimate “Duuuude, these are awesome” moment with all to see. 

Our Duuude vote: Nailed it!

Take our word (and our review) for it that Manly Bands has something unique for guys, giving us all that ultimate “duuude” moment. Nice job Manly Bands.

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How to Grab a Ring:

You can purchase the rings off of their website:

You can also follow them on:


Manly Bands stands apart by creating a fun, easy and awesome buying experience for our customers. We have a huge selection of unique styles and designs, a dedicated ring concierge to help customers select their perfect Manly Band and affordable pricing backed by a great warranty. Overall, we just make the experience of buying a wedding ring exciting and provide customers with something they can be proud to wear for years to come.
— John Ruggiero, CEO Manly Bands
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