4 Leather Bracelets for Grown Men

Leather Bracelets are Back. No Joke.

leather bracelet

Whether its the casual bracelet to go with the business casual outfit, or the thicker bands for a night of bowling, leather bracelets can be a quirky addition to any man’s wardrobe. Are you wearing them ironically? Doesn’t matter. Check out some of our picks for the leather bracelets that should be on your dresser-or your wrist.


Fossil’s Braided Leather Cord Bracelet

Fossil’s Braided Leather Cord Bracelet

It carries a $58 price tag, but avoids looking like a cheap leather bracelet. If you’re looking for a leather bracelet that doesn’t scream rave or teenage angst, then this classier Fossil Braided Leather Cord Bracelet might be the right pick. It’s made of genuine leather and the clasp is made of stainless steel. The smaller construction makes it a great fit, adding an edge of leather without dominating your entire persona for the day.

Price: $58

Anchor Bracelet by BestCreativeShop

Available on Amazon, the Anchor Bracelet is for all of you that saw this post and immediately thought of open waters and dehydrated sailors. Nothing quite like the feeling of white shirts with open collars on sunburnt skin, and the feeling of a special nautical bracelet on your wrist. Great for the guy who misses the open water, or great as a symbol of love that is in the deep end of the dangerous waters.

Anchor Bracelet by BestCreativeShop

The rope is made of leather while the charm is a brass anchor, symbolizing the steadfast toughness that you bring as a man. Made by hand. It has a classy touch and a shine that could steal a sailor from the sea.

Price: $29.99

William Henry’s Pluto

If you’ve passed on the other two bracelets because they aren’t luxury jewelry brands that carry an air of mystery, check out William Henry’s Pluto. Let’s say you want to walk into a bar late at night and turn some heads. You’ve got on a nice suit, classy watch, and pristine haircut. Your eyes are fiery. What’s going to add a mysterious bad boy edge to your outfit? A luxury leather bracelet. A luxury leather bracelet, like the Pluto, signals that you used to be a bad boy and haven’t lost touch with that side of yourself, even though you now make a lot of money and know how to engage in lively conversations.

William Henry’s Pluto

The Pluto has a stainless steel clasp that was inspired by the bolt action of old firearms. It has a black Spinel gemstone in the clasp to further signify status. It’s one of the fancier leather bracelets that you could sport.

Price: $250.00

Italian Leather Bracelet by the Steel Shop

Steel Shop Bracelet

Bringing the price tag back down, we have a bracelet referred to as “The Dark Knight.” The Steel Shop makes a black on black Italian Leather Bracelet which isn’t pulling punches or messing around. No hiding this sucker under the cuff links. A matte finish ensures that your leather won’t shine on the dancefloor, and the Italian craftsmanship will nicely accent the scotch glass in your hand.

They even offer an engraving option if you want it, making it a great gift to any man in your life.

Price: $50.00

Ok- so do you see how cool these are now? You can pull it off- trust us. We have seen some things and with anyone wearing one of these, you’ll be ok.


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