Top Rings for Men: 5 to Nab

Jewelry can give a man an added edge of sophistication and an air of wealth, but you definitely want to look more like established old money and not like new money that bought the first ring you stumbled across. To help with this we thought we should run down some cool finds. Check out our top 5 rings for men to get some inspiration.

mens ring

Whether it’s for the office, a night out, or even a creative wedding band, the right ring can make you think differently about your hands and posturing. Who doesn’t want to feel like an old-time ruffian or wall-street banker, running around with rings on fingers? Find your own personal touch to the classic jewelry item to really bring it into your wardrobe and give it a modern finish.

#5. David Yurman’s Forged Carbon Band

David Yurman’s Forged Carbon Band.png

Kicking us off is the forged carbon band by David Yurman. The ring looks like it burst into the atmosphere from a distant star, burned up and shaped itself on the way in, and then landed in an asphalt crater outside of your house before you picked it up and put it on. Classic styling meets a modern gold and carbon finish. You get the basic circle ring shape, but the jagged designs make it a standout for your next business casual outfit or white-tee date night.

Price: $1500

#4. Aetonal’s White Gold Ring

Aetonal’s White Gold Ring Guy.jpg

We couldn’t do a top 5 rings to buy for men without giving some input on wedding bands for the modern man. A white gold ring is a great take on the timeless wedding ring, allowing you to maintain the minimalist men’s styling for wedding rings without replicating the all-too-simple gold band.

Price: Starts at $206

3. Saint Laurent’s Two Slope Stripped Ring in Brass

Two-Slope Striped Ring In Brass in Oxidized Silver

The oxidized silver color of the two slope ring will bring an edge to monochromatic outfits without popping too brightly. Saint Laurent’s two slope ring is a subtle, modern finish. It looks like a Picasso painting in ring form and blends into the colors on your hand evenly with its oxidized color. The underside features the classic Saint Laurent text and symbolism.

Price: $295

#2. CaliRoots Platform Ring


Something subtle, something old, and something that feels like a luxury heirloom. Caliroots Platform Ring is sleek as it is stylish. The Signet ring with polished top & brushed sides in 925 sterling silver can be worn out for anything. A night on the town or just wearing to work- it all works. Engraved “ALL_BLUES” logo on inside, this ring is a sure fire hit.

Price: $190

1. Manlyband’s The Surfer

The SURFER.jpg

If the process of ring buying bores you from start to finish, Manlybands has understood your jewelry pain and makes it easier to bling up without the snobby associates and judgmental ring salespeople. There are so many excellent choices with great names, but our pick is The Surfer, a bold looking ring with a two-tone design. Brown and blue remind you of the docks and waves even when your hands are far from the curve of the ocean and the push of a surfboard. Check out our more in depth review of Manly Bands on duuude.

Price: $230

Rings can be more than just a band for the big day- it can be something you wear casually, professionally, or all of the above.


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