Wahl Beard and Mustache Trimmer

Need a Trim?

You have a beard. Now what? Well, you will need to trim it to keep it looking fresh and clean and there is one product we recommend, under $20 that can handle the job. Unless you are a professional beard trimmer, you do not need to invest in a trimmer that costs more than a fancy dinner out. Investing $20 in a well established brand like Wahl is worth the money saved.

Our duuude find for anyone who has a beard, facial hair, hair, all the things hair, and beyond is the Wahl Beard and Mustache Trimmer. This trimmer has all you need- 5 length settings, rechargeable trimmer with charger and base, and did we mention its less than $20? Well- it is.

This trimmer cuts smooth, takes care of trimming up neck lines, cutting out stragglers that dangle over your lips (isn't that the worst feeling ever?), and handles a nice trim length flow from length to length transitions. The battery lasts a while (we know this because we left it off the charger after a week away and it still worked like a charm) and cuts smooth even with low battery. One downside is the unit can be a bit loud if your trimming around the ears, but you shouldn't be hanging out in that area for too long where it’s too bothersome. All in all this is a great buy and find for any duuude who needs a good triiiim.


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