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Guys- coffee is life. Like gotta have it in the morning or we can’t function kind of stuff. Coffee is so much a part of our lives, Statista reported that coffee consumption in the United States amounted to nearly 26.5 million 60-kilogram bags in the 2018/2019 fiscal year- our thoughts exactly!...what the heck are 60 kilogram bags? We did the math and 60-kilograms is roughly 132 lbs of coffee. That means 26.5 million lightweight Boxing dude-sized bags of coffee were sold in the USA alone-(insert jaw drop).  We have a boring graph to show you what that looks like:

boring coffee graph.png

See- it’s boring. We warned you. Oh- you thought it was a picture of a Boxer? Whoops. Anyhow- what is not boring is when you find a solid bag of coffee to grind up and throw in your coffee machine, toss in an espresso maker, or even enjoy pour over or french press style. No matter how much you like your coffee- you want to enjoy it with some legit coffee beans. That is where our good friends over at SF Bay Coffee sent us two varieties of coffee to try out and review: French Roast and Rainforest Blend

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We gladly accepted the ultimate taste-test challenge and decided it was time for the duuude crew to grind up some beans, add some hot water, and see what our taste buds thought. We tested each variety in the following 4 ways:

  • Drip

  • Pour over

  • Espresso

  • French Press

We tried their 2 blends:

French Roast Blend: A blend of the finest 100% hand picked Arabica beans from all over the world. Dark roast with an intense, bold, and smokey flavor.

Rainforest Blend: Contains certified organic beans from around the world, resulting in a smooth yet full-bodied taste and lively floral and citrus notes.

Now, grab a cup of joe and see how SF Bay Coffee did in each category!



The smell alone had us wide awake. The moment we ground the beans and started brewing slow drip we could smell goodness. The flavor profile on this was very smooth and had hints of subtle smokey flavor (for the French Roast variety). The Rainforest blend had a subtle yet refreshing citrus flavor and was equally as smooth. Sometimes with drip you can get a bitter after taste- not the case here with either blend.

Duuude Thought: “Smooth”

Pour Over


Pour us some more pour-over. From the moment we started pouring the water through the grounds we could smell the bold flavors. Because the water has a chance to absorb more of the oils and flavors of the beans we could taste more of the smokey flavor in the French Roast and has a bit more citrusy texture in the Rainforest Blend. While this method drew out more of the flavors, the coffee itself was similar texture to the drip.

Duuude Thought: “Pour us another!”



Espresso is quite possibly our favorite way to make coffee. The tightly packed grounds and pressure of the water being pushed through really gives the coffee an intense flavor (and caffeine rush). The Rainforest was our favorite of these two as it really hit with the citrus and floral notes. French Roast was solid as well and really hit with the smokey flavor but was not overpowering where it felt like you were drinking a BBQ pit. 

Duuude Thought: “Yeah...it works”

French Press


French Press may be the most popular style of making coffee these days. Yes it does take a bit more time and when your craving some caffeine it’s not going to be on the spot right away- but good things come to those who wait, right? The French Roast in the French Press (say that 10x fast) was smooth and silky yet slightly thicker of a texture than the other brews. This really was the most flavorful taste we had of all the methods. The Rainforest Blend was outstanding. Very clear flavor profiles and yet the smooth and creamy texture was very revealing of the beans-and they were fantastic. 

Duuude Thought: “Creamy & Tasty”

SF Bay Overall Duuude Factor: Nailed it. 

SF Bay Coffee Offerings:  

While we tried SF Bay Coffee whole bean varieties and ground it up for our review, you can enjoy all that SF Bay Coffee has to offer in addition to these two varieties. Heading into their 40th anniversary, the iconic brand is launching a rebrand for the masses. While their packaging may be changing, their delicious coffee OneCups, Whole Bean, and ground varieties will continue to be a staple in the coffee business. If you want to try some for yourself or see what other cool happenings are going on over at SF Bay Coffee we encourage you to take a look at the various ways you can get the “scoop” on this great coffee company!


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