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Waka Brings Instant Back.

Ask your buddy what coffee they make or prefer to brew and we can almost guarantee they won’t say “oh, this little cup of heaven is an instant coffee.” Why is that? Well, typically it’s because instant coffee tastes like something they bring into space to eat- ya know, stuff that lacks a key ingredient: flavor. What if we blew your buddy’s (and your) mind with an instant coffee that tastes more like coffee and less like pit stop fuel? 


The crew over at Waka (pronounced Wa-Ka) Coffee hit us up and claimed that they had the solution to the 8th wonder of the world: instant coffee that actually tastes good. Oh, ok sure let’s try this “instant coffee” that Waka claims will make us forget what we know about instant coffee. Well, that’s a tall order because for a crew who likes to hike, camp, travel, hold office meetings before the sun is up, and wake up on Saturday after the sun goes down- we know the value of legit coffee.

Our crew gave it a go and tried out the two offerings by Waka Coffee: their regular coffee and their decaffeinated varieties. 



Waka sent us two coffees to try in our ultimate taste test review: Colombian Single-Serve Instant Coffee and their Colombian Decaffeinated Single-Serve Instant Coffee.

Waka offers these two varieties on their site in single serve bags or a larger bag that can serve up to 80 servings. We got a hold of the single serve bags in the boxes, equating to 8 servings (or 8 individual bags for those keeping track). 

WAKA Coffee

When we first opened up the packaging we liked the simplicity in their box packaging as well as the individual single serve packets inside. We liked the slender profile of the box and made us instantly (no pun intended) feel like it was a great box for travel, to toss in the car, or even throw in a duffel bag for an overnight or camping trip. The single serve packets made it nice for those who want to bring along coffee but not over use or open a bag and lose out on flavor once the seal is broken. 

Each packet was clearly labeled and colored based on caffeinated and decaffeinated blends. The packet contained enough coffee for a single cup of 8-10oz coffee. The consistently of the grind(s) looks like a medium to slightly ground roast  consistency and the coloring of the grind is of the lighter brown color tones.

So far the packaging, presentation, and overall grind texture of Waka coffee is on point. 

Our overall duuude first impression: If it tastes like it’s presented we are in for a treat!



We dove in with a taste test review of the Colombian Caffeinated coffee packets because let’s be real- we need our caffeine or we get sort of grumpy. The Colombian instant blend coffee is made from 100% high quality Arabica beans that is freeze dried to preserve aroma and original flavor of the beans. We could tell right away- the flavor did resemble freshly ground beans.

We started off by pouring one packet into a glass mug and added hot water (8oz) into the cup. At first the grounds and water looked like weak coffee. Ya know that look when your mother-in-law does the gang a solid and makes coffee for you and she adds a spoon full of grounds to a bucket of water? We stirred in the ground medium roast Waka coffee and while waiting for full dissolve into the water our noses caught the citrus notes of the brew. In no time at all the brew was fully mixed and the color profile got a bit darker. In about 30 seconds we had a full cup of coffee ready. 

waka brew

Upon first sip we were impressed. The flavor was full bodied, tasted good and had a solid flavor profile in each sip. We made up another cup and added some creamer and sweetener to give it a try with other add-ins. In both taste tests the flavors came through and the coffee was solid and good.

We have to admit- we are not decaffeinated coffee drinkers here. Pulling long nights, working across multiple sites and trying to stay awake when PR reps come in about some gibberish- we NEED caffeine. However, we gave the coffee a go and come to find out- it was good. It was slightly different than the caffeinated blend but nonetheless it was bold, flavor profile was on point, and the coffee was rich in flavor.

Our last test was the funnest- we brewed it up and gave it to a few unsuspecting crew members. Told them we just brewed it and walked away. Later we asked what they thought of the coffee we made for them and this is what they said:

Great thanks again”

“It was good. Why are you asking me?”

“Ya finally did something right.” (Ouch).

The bottom line is they liked it- and didn’t say it tasted like instant crap. We call that a win.

Overall the coffee profile was solid, the ease of use couldn’t be simpler, and as an alternative to regular brewed coffee it stands up in the range of coffee brews for the person on the go.



While the coffee stood out by merely being a great alternative to regular brewed coffee, Waka has some standout features worth mentioning.

waka offerings
  • 4% of Waka proceeds go to funding clean water projects through their "Add Water, Give Water" program.

  • If you hike or travel, or like camping and need a solid option for coffee on the go, this coffee can go anywhere.

  • Cold and hot brew both tasted great. Whether mixing up an iced coffee or hot cup- both methods work with Waka

  • Other brands opt for mass spray drying process- Waka freeze dried coffee preserves the authentic aroma and depth of flavor. 

Nice work Waka!



As an added bonus to the coffee Waka produces, they now offer monthly subscriptions. You can  choose your quantity, cancel, modify, or skip deliveries at any time. For those who travel a lot, like to hit the open trail, or are in such a rush that they don’t have time to brew a cup- monthly may be the right call to keep the caffeine flowing.

Waka Overall duuude Factor: Instantly our favorite instant coffee!

Price: Starts at $11.99



Waka coffee is more than just an instant success. It took passion and focus to bring instant coffee to the market-

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 8.05.59 PM.png
Our founder, David, came up with the idea for Waka Coffee while living in New York City, juggling a hectic schedule as a full-time undergraduate student with a full-time job. David relied on coffee to fuel his daily routine. However, he quickly discovered that frequenting coffee shops and making coffee in a cramped NYC kitchen was complicated, time-consuming, and expensive.
— Waka Coffee


Help people enjoy coffee more easily, wherever they are.


To be the future's online coffee shop company.

waka coffee box
Waka Coffee gives you the benefits of quality coffee faster and more easily, so you can make more time for the things you love.
— Waka Coffee

To learn more about Waka, read their blog, or learn about coffee start to finish head over to Waka Coffee and see what’s brewing!


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